Monday, March 29, 2010

Pump it Up

Caroline and I went to our friend Zach's birthday party last month. It was at Pump It Up. We have never been so I wasn't sure how she would like it...but I should not have worried about that...I should have worried about how my out of shape body was gonna keep up with her. She absolutely loved it!!! So thank you Wendi for introducing us to such a fun experience!!! She really had a great time!!! Enjoy the pictures and even the little video I shot of her jumping!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Where have I been?

Well I wrote this blog about a month ago (give or take a week...) the problem was my camera was unexplainably missing and I could not get the picture I had taken to go with the blog. Long story short the camera reappeared and here we go...

Ok, so I am guilty of not blogging for a little bit. However, a little exciting news....Caroline now has a Big Girl Toddler Bed (which is definitely not big). I am kinda excited about this but for the fact she is growing up. I know she is not even 2 yet but since she had been so sick last month she got used to going to sleep in Mama and Daddy's bed (shame on us - we know). Come talk to me when your baby has a 104 temp and is crying pitifully for her Mama. So now Caroline only wants to go to sleep in a big bed. Bryan converted the crib into the toddler bed and presto - Caroline loves it and wants to go to sleep in it. Awesome!!! I hope all future problems will be this easy to solve. Yes, I know the answer to this but a girl can dream can't she? Anyway here is a picture of her "Big Girl Bed".

Thursday, December 3, 2009

From Halloween to Christmas, and in between

So I am a little late with Halloween pictures and a little early for the Christmas pictures but we also have some Thanksgiving pictures too. I am gonna post them all today.

Today Caroline stayed home with Mama and we got a chance to play together. This is our routine on the weekends I have to work. Thursdays are our Mama and Caroline days.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving: Good Food, Family, and a Pesky Illness

Wednesday before Thanksgiving Caroline began running a fever. Mama and Daddy treated her with Motrin and Tylenol and even a 3 a.m. lukewarm bath (which she is definitely not a fan of, her water must be warm) to which she screamed the entire 5 minutes she was in the tub. Over Thanksgiving Day we watched her fever go up and down and on Friday took her to the doctor. They of course ran a Strep test and Flu test. We were totally stunned to learn Caroline had Strep for the second time in only 4 months. CRAZY. Sorry Baby Girl - guess you get that from Mama. Needless to say I quickly became the bad guy when I immediately requested the shot. Then Bryan told me that I would have to hold her down because he couldn't do it! Really brave husband I have here:) No, guys he does not do well with shots of any kind. (He got a Decadron shot a few months ago for Poison Ivy and the nurse chased, I am not lying, him around the table). After she screamed for about 10 minutes she eventually decided that I could be trusted again and allowed my to hold her. By the end of the day my little sick angel was feeling so much better she decided to share her dinner with dogs. She was back to her old self. All the guilty feelings were gone and I felt like a good Mama again.

So besides the whole Strep experience, Thanksgiving Holidays were just about perfect. We spent the day with family having so really good food. I managed to catch up on some much needed rest. Mama and Daddy got to spend so great time with Caroline!!! Wouldn't have traded one minute for the world. We truly are Thankful for all the BLESSINGS God has bestowed on us!!!We wish that everyone have a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back from our first trip without baby...

Well, I did survive the mini-vacation without Caroline. It was hard but the first morning there I slept until 10:30 am. This may not seem BIG, but people I have not done this since before she was born!!! However the day we came home I all but jumped on Bryan when he kept stopping the packing up process for various reasons (all legit). Once we pulled on the road to our house I was ready to jump out and go get her from daycare. Long story short when we got her she was so excited to see us and I did not cry (which I felt like I was on the verge of). In the end the vacation was a good thing. But I did keep her home yesterday to play. I ended up taking so pictures. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

These are the days

This weekend I took Caroline, along with her cousins, to the zoo in Hattiesburg and to Chuck E. Cheese. Just to be able to relax, not to worry about a schedule, and to enjoy Caroline's reactions to these new experiences made my day. Well, to be perfectly honest - it actually made my week. I think too often I get wrapped up in getting things done and I don't stop to realize what is actually going on. She was so excited to see the peacocks - her face lit up, she started slapping her hands on the stroller, and jabbering. The only thing I could do was take her picture while I laughed. I'll always remember this, the look on her face can never be duplicated!!! I will cherish it forever.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

"It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to..."

Ok so I have learned a few things from Caroline's first birthday. The first is that is probably not a good idea to set the time of the party in the middle of your child's naptime. No matter how much fun they (but really you) are having this could be you!!! So take my advice and pick another time. Second is that if you do not take my advice on the first Cake makes everything better!!! If they will hold out for cake then you can make it!!! All in all Caroline's Big Day was so special. We had so many friends and family present I was overwhelmed. It was great getting to see everyone. This will be a day to remember.